Why an American cannot move back from Canada

July 12, 2018

There are many Americans who move to Canada for short term; well at least they thought so, but end up staying their entire lives there. The reason is Canada on any day sounds better to an American than the US and the longer they stay; the deeper their roots grow there.

Here are some of the things which attract Americans to Canada:

Peaceful Politics

You can join in the political discussion with people keeping fighting viewpoints without it turning into a personal accusations affair; than political. The campaigns of Prior election cycles are much smaller, and there are five effective political parties. Politics are still politics, but the maximum time, it's not amazingly sensational.

Open Borders

The world is facing the crisis of migration, and Canada is determined to opening that valuable door, so the immigrants can breathe happily. Rather than just giving charity for refugees and immigrants, Canada aims to resolve labor deficiencies and wants to sustain the population to power the economy for years to come.

Cross-country Train

Like in the United States, train travel is high. But both the Trans Railway of Canada  and VIA Rail offer choices to take you coast to coast, providing people a way to see a broad swath of the nation.

Pseudo-Socialized Health Care

Canada healthcare is primarily not free; it's funded through a mixture of personal and taxation of corporate. But as long as you have your health card, there is no need to pay for the most primary services, it includes doctor appointments, ultrasounds, and stays in hospital.More about Currency

More about Currency 

The Canadian currency is long-lasting. No more anxious about taping that bill back together - the statements are made of polymer. The latest design also highlights a color person, civil rights activist Viola Desmond. The currency has pleasant nicknames. The dollar bill and two dollar bill are coins.

Poutine Dish is Marvelous

It's not just cheese and gravy on French fries. It's not just cheese and gravy on French fries. It’s all about cheese curds. While some Canadians think any modification is not at all acceptable, lobster poutine is attractive.

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