US Stops H1-B Visa Applications

April 11, 2017

The department in charge of issuing permits to foreigners passed a circular that the application for the computer programmer permit would no longer hold as a specialist job which is a prerequisite to obtaining an H-1B work permit.


The United State's agency said it would keep on accepting and processing applications submitted in a bid to elongate the window of stay a present H-1B holder can stay in the country, alter the rules guiding hiring and employment, permitting employees under the H-1B permit to switch jobs and permitting present holders of the permit to work in two jobs at the same time.


“Do keep in mind that the agency has put on hold the premium application for up to half a year for all applications for the H-1B permits, and that includes a limit on applications.


Applications pit forward on behalf of the present H-1B employers who have been counted formerly against the limit, and who still have their limit number, will also not be considered toward the yearly compulsory H-1B limit,” the agency said in its press release.

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