UK Immigration Documentation and the Right to Employment

March 25, 2017

A lot of customers are contacting about their rights to get jobs in the United Kingdom, and mainly about the following situations:

  • The premature termination of their jobs for failing to have a residence allowance.

  • Hiring companies telling them that the unlimited leave to stay in a passport that is no longer valid, does not apply to getting a job.

  • Hiring companies putting employees on suspension once their passports have expired even though they still have a valid permit for employment.

  • Also, those who are eligible to be British citizens but do not have enough funds to put forward an application to the home office in Britain.

Our main advice for such applicants is that they take the following actions:

  • Start saving for the application a lot earlier than usual, before the application portal even opens so you will be able to make payments to the home office in the United Kingdom when you become eligible to submit an application. That will make it a lot easier for you regarding securing a job.

  • Presently, it takes around four months to get a brand new passport in South Africa. The terms of transfer of the permit or ILR will take around two months. Applicants should take note that it could take around half a year to acquire a new passport with the transfer of the permit.

  • We advise applicants that if in the event of things, a permit is yet to expire and the passport has, they should endeavour to get a new passport way before the present one expires so they can make a transfer if required.

  • The bio-metric accommodation permit is a recent innovation in the permit application process. Those who are applying now receive this card as an acknowledgement of their permit status. Those who submitted an application before the introduction of this card would not be getting one. Applicants need not have this accommodation allowance card to be eligible to gain employment in the United Kingdom. Hiring companies all assume a permit holder usually has an accommodation card at hand.

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