UK Denies Woman Visa to Attend Green Party Conference

April 01, 2017

The body in charge of migration in the United Kingdom has refused a woman permit to come into the country because she is single, a report made public told reporters.

The woman, who was not named for reasons best known to the authority, was to be a representative from a party in the country of Pakistan for a global meeting of green parties in the United Kingdom. She had put forward an application for a five-day permit stay to be able to stay in the country and be present for the Congress which is to be a four-day program in the city of Liverpool.

The document confirming her rejection from the permit and migration department of the United Kingdom told her she was ineligible to come into the country because she had admitted to being single, and no one known was reliant upon her. The document further stated that it was imperative to have a dependent because “They would have thought she had some connection to the country of Pakistan to want to have a reason to leave the country of the United Kingdom.”

The Worldwide Greens conference id being held together with the spring conference of the green party in both Wales and England. The meeting will be graced by representatives from the majority of the 74 certified parties from across the globe to meet in the city of Liverpool for the law and policy conference.

A leader of one of the green parties in England, Caroline Lucas, said the incentive behind the refusal to grant the woman approval is seen as an embarrassment and the laws surrounding permit issuance needed an overhaul greatly.

“The weird rejection from the department in charge of the issuance is totally stupid and greatly detrimental to the image of peace we are trying to project to the world,” she told reporters.

“The members of the party are gathering together from across the globe in the city of Liverpool this week to discuss the troubling situations we are being faced with as a planet, and yet people are being turned away from coming into the country just because they are single?

Highly preposterous.

Totally unacceptable.

Such doings by the department in charge of migration and customs is a shame to the country as a whole, and the members of the chambers need to sit down and rethink these crazy laws, instead of just sitting and lying to themselves that all is well.

All is not.”

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