Rich Chinese Race to Apply For a US Golden Visa

March 29, 2017

Presently, the house of Congress in the United States is engaged in a discussion about raising the basic prerequisite needed to get a United States migrant investor permit in the country from around $500,000 to about $1.35 million.


As a result, there has been an avalanche of reactions pouring in from the concerned groups of the rich sector of China that would most likely be interested in investing in the United States in the coming days. “Some persons are concerned, and are asking that we ensure that their requests are put through and passed before the 28th of April, which according to Congress, is the date scheduled for the expiration of the program unless the house decides to review or re-adjust the date,” the director of the United States’ scheme at an agency based in the capital of China named Can research, Judy Gao.


The Can research helps to assist in the procurement of the investors permit in the country.


“We are working past our schedule on that aspect.”


The rich people of China who obtain their wealth via seemingly unscrupulous means in the capital market and at the same time can get a residency status in the United States are continuing to surpass all another list of rich people as the biggest players in the Eb-5 scheme, despite increased tactics by the government of China.


The body funnels money to high-class real estate projects in the country stretching from New York to California and Miami.


The present scheme put in place by the Kushner family is to restructure its office in New York, which would cost around $850 million to be funded by the EB-5, as well as money from some insurance groups and other willing investors according to the terms of the business proposal submitted, a report by news persons confirmed.


If the Eb-5 scheme is to be scrapped, it is estimated that a whopping 200,000 jobs in the United States and $14 billion dollars in revenue would potentially be at stake.


Former projects undertaken by making use of the scheme include the Hudson Yards in New York City, the shipyard in San Francisco, and a Trump tower in Jersey City.


New projects currently being undergone in the discussion rooms of China business homes, web forums and hotel investors meeting rooms includes 5-star hotel buildings in Palm Springs, California, and also the Billionaires’ Row.

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