New Zealand makes a few Changes in Visa conditions

September 06, 2018
New Zealand makes a few Changes in Visa conditions

Starting with 27th August 2018, all Interim Visas will have the validity of 21 days after the decline or withdrawal of a temporary entry visa.


The persons, who apply for a further Temporary Visa, but overrun the legal status, before the decision of application of substantive visa is passed, get the Interim visas.

Earlier, interim visas had the validity till the authorities took a decision on the substantive application. In a different situation it was six months after giving the Interim Visa.

The meaning here was that persons became unlawful on the day of decline of their application. This did not permit a rational time to leave New Zealand in a lawful manner. Furthermore, these applicants did not get an opportunity for challenging the decision, while holding a legal status.

Persons to feel the impact

Any individual, who applies to get the New Zealand Temporary Entry Visa, through either the online method or the paper-based application, will feel the impact.

Some Benefits:

This change is positive for all temporary visa applicants and has the benefits that the applicant:

  • Does not become unlawful on the day when there is declining of visa application.
  • Has 21 days to challenge the decision or organize the departure from New Zealand.
  • Has additional 21 days to work, by getting work rights.

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