Mexican Immigrants Flee U.S. for Canada

March 28, 2017

“The implementation of this scheme would enable our Mexican compares to come into Canada for visits, while at the same time developing our indigenous economies and making our community stronger and better,” the prime minister of Canada said in an address last June when the prime minister confirmed the lifting of the permit requirements place on Mexican citizens since the year 2009.


The country of Mexico also agreed to lift the ban it had placed on imports of Canadian beef into the country. The ban had been in effect since 2003 following fears of the spread of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE), otherwise known as mad cow disease.


The pronouncement came following the meeting with the president of Mexico, Enrique Pena Nieto, before the yearly trilateral three amigos conference meeting in Ottawa.


During this time, both leaders put heads together about the issue and at the end capped it with an awkward handshake with the president of the United States that is sure to get everyone rolling on the floor with laughter.


At the time of the meeting, the emergence of the current president of the united states, Donald Trump, seemed so improbable, if not impossible.


But the night that would shock the world came on November 8th, a day it was confirmed.


The agreement of the two amigos went into effect regardless on the 1st of December and all that is desired on the part of Mexican citizens hoping to visit the country of Canada, if they would be flying into the country, is to complete a short online form to acquire clearance to enter the country.


They would also be required to pay a small charge of around $5. If on the other hand, they came into the country via land or sea, then they need not complete the online form for proper documentation. According to the website, all that is required of them is a proper form of identification to prove to the border officials that they are citizens of the country of Mexico.


The result of this relaxation is that more than 72,000 citizens of Mexico have been granted clearance into the country in the short time that this scheme had been in place.


A lot of them had escaped from the country of the United States of America, where they were once seen as amigos.


Now, with the Trump administration in full swing, they have been painted as bad Hombres.

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