Manitoba Invites 313 Skilled Workers to Apply for Immigration in March

March 22, 2017

A Canadian migration scheme, the Manitoba state chosen scheme, has called upon around 313 new applicants to submit applications for the program which provides a platform for foreigners who have the capacity to fully build a life for themselves and their family in the state to come in and do just that.

In the new lot cast by the scheme for talented workers, around 250 applicants were given their call-up letter to submit an application under the provided criteria for the talented employees in the Manitoba section.

The left-over 63 call-up letters were given out to applicants in the subclass of the foreign talented employee's category, who were called upon directly by the Manitoba scheme under a timely employment program. The criteria for this scheme are:

Employment duty: international recruitment or migration plans involves the Manitoba scheme spokesperson questioning the talented foreign employee and in the long run calling them up to submit an application for the program after they tender a legal manifestation of their interest to the Manitoba scheme.

Preliminary Visits: The Manitoba scheme can call upon people who have gone through the initial approval of a preliminary visit and successfully navigated the interview process with an official from the scheme.

Each nominated applicant who has been given his or her call-up letter must have tendered a legal manifestation of their interest to the Manitoba scheme.

Talented employees who would love to be a part of the Manitoba scheme must first of all tender such legal manifestation of interest, and then get a call-up letter before going ahead to submit an application for a state nomination certificate.

Once they have this certificate in hand, the applicant may then go ahead to submit an application for a permanent residence in the country.

The Manitoba scheme for talented employees was created to assist hiring companies to locate international skilled workers to make their current staff better.


The government of Manitoba chooses qualified employees who have tendered a legal manifestation of their interest in moving into the state and possess the talent required to survive in the industry, and also choose them to be awarded state nomination certificate from the Manitoba scheme.

With all of this, the chosen candidate may then decide to submit an application to the government of Canada for a permanent residency status.

These migration choices may be specific to particular appealing persons who may not be qualified to migrate to Canada via the country’s federal express entry migration selection scheme, as the qualification requirements are not the same.

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