Latest Rules for Tourist Visas Declared by UAE

July 19, 2018
Visitors traveling to the U.A.E throughout the summer season won't need to pay fees of visa for dependents whose age 18 years or below, the UAE Cabinet declared on Sunday. The fee exclusion will be relevant within July 15 and September 15 each year and is assumed to improve tourist numbers while off-peak season also.

The decision follows the refusal of transition tourists from fees of visa for the first 48 hours.  Travel executives in the U.A.E have welcomed the move, stating it could profit increase tourism completely the summer season.

A 14-day express visitor visa costs Dh497 per man, and a 30-day multiple-entry visitor visa costs Dh917 per person if the visitor is obtaining it online.

Latest visa rules in the U.A.E

Though, according to travel executives, the primarily accessible traveler visa is the 90-day multiple-entry visitor visa, which is charged at Dh 945.

"The full costs of visa for a family of four should be Dh3,780. With the exclusions, families need to pay only Dh1,890, excluding taxes," an executive for travel from Sharaf Travels which is Sharjah-based reported.

Rifa Dalvi, a travel specialist from Cozmo Travels, stated the move could help citizens who live without their families in the U.A.E to ask their loved ones for a vacation. "It will be pleasant for all travelers ... Airlines offer ticket concessions for infants and children, and it only executes sense that countries offer it for visas as well."

Travel executives told opposed to prevailing opinion, and the weather is not an obstacle for guests through this time.

"For example, from the state of Kerala, the Onam festival is giving up. Though several people require to go back home, now people can also afford their families here and enjoy the celebration in Dubai," told the agent from Sharaf Travels.

Shilpa Mahtani, B.N.B.M.E COO, a holiday administration organization, announced the tenure of the fee-free visa proposal matches with the summer holiday in Europe. "Positively, we can get some people from there, too."

Co-founder and C.T.O of travel web portal Albert Dias reported the move would benefit to promote travel to the U.A.E from within the G.C.C region. "However, we expect it to have a poor impact on inbound travel from major feeder markets such as nations like India. In this market parents with children in favor of going through their local school summer season vacation, which usually appears from April to June."

The tourists' number going within the country airports reached 32.8 million through the beginning part of this year.

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