Initiative of UK committee in submissions for future policy with India

July 30, 2018


Tom Tugendhat, MP, Chairman of the Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee made an announcement regarding a new inquiry, on the topic of “Global Britain and India”. India presently has become significant in geopolitics and international economics and also there is a place for “Global Britain and Global India”. There is recognition that India has a legitimate claim to be influential. Unlike the PM, Tugendhat has a vision and a strategic eye. He believes, India is half of the Commonwealth and has a sizable clout in the world. It is growing as an economic power is. Moreover, working with India will be vital for the place of the UK in the world in the future. The Committee will look at the relationship and also consider the scope of opportunities for better cooperation.

Composition and details

The Foreign Affairs Committee will examine the administration, expenditure, and policy of the The Foreign and Commonwealth Office. The Members are 11 cross-party MPs. This inquiry will deal with trade, and also aim to improve the relationship with India in the matters of migration, visas, investment, technology and innovation, regional security, counter-terrorism and multilateral institutions.


The FAC has invited submissions on a range of topics which cover these issues:

* What is the foreign policy of UK towards India? How strong is the mutual relationship presently? How does India perceive the Global Britain strategy?

* Define the approach of the Government to leverage its soft power in the India- UK relationship?

* What should be the major objectives of the UK in its future relationship with India?

*Define the proper balance between trade, strategic and political issues to set objectives for the UK-India relationship?

*What will be the scenario in case there are significant differences in the UK and Indian objectives and values?

* Identify the areas where the UK and India can work effectively to share objectives in multilateral settings, like in the UN and the G-20? Identify the areas where their values, objectives, and interests differ in a significant manner?

* How effective are the FCO and other organs of Government to effectively build relations with India and capitalize on shared objectives and values?

* What should be the management of relations between the UK and India in the run-up to and also in post Brexit era? Is the preparation of FCO and other parts of Government effective? *What is the way to manage the relationship between India, the UK and the EU?

* What is the impact of the UK visa policy on relationship with India? Is it also helping to facilitate better relationship which the Government is seeking with India?

* What are the implications of “All of Asia” policy in the UK’s relations with India?

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