Indian Technical Graduates are Losing Out

April 20, 2017

The country of Australia decided on Tuesday to terminate the permit scheme it has made use of for the accommodation of international employees at about the same time the United States is expected to scrap their H-1B permit scheme.

The reports coming from the country on Tuesday hints that the United States president will pass the “Purchase American, employ American” bill in the state of Wisconsin.

The aim of this bill is to raise the level of production domestically in the country by ensuring the H-1B permit is issued strictly bases on merit. In the country of Australia, the prime minister has scrapped the 457 permit for the entry of really talented migrants into the country.

The observers of the IT sector in the country called it a shocking move because around 100,000 talented foreigners are in the country on the 457 permits with a huge percentage of them being Indian nationals.

The technology sector in the nation of India is trying to come to terms with the nation’s aim to protect its people and not accommodate as many foreign workers. The country of Australia is about the 3rd nation that is altering its permit schemes for migrants in the past 60 days in its bid to secure the future of its citizens and curb unemployment. The country of Singapore is another huge market base for the information technology industry for Indian experts.

It has put on hold nearly 200 work visa applications.

The United Kingdom has also raised the price the fee for the permit application process for Indian technology experts. “This change is a challenge for us,” an operation manager in the country of India disclosed. He stated that the agreement for firms to take jobs out of the country in their bid to cut the cost of doing business would be adversely affected.

“Many firms have already started employing citizens of the country.

These firms are going to try to strike a deal as soon as possible.” The more glaring problem is that how tech experts from the country of India are viewed in other countries.

“The major issue no for tech firms from India is that they are of little or no importance to some nations,” a spokesperson for the association of tech experts said. Some big wigs hope that an alteration in plans for tech experts hoping to be employed in the United States or the United Kingdom is soon to happen.

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