Indian Embassy in Oman Reduces Medical Visa Fee

March 27, 2017

Seeing that the increase in application for permits on medical grounds to the country of India from Oman, the Indian Embassy in Muscat has significantly dropped the permit fee for medical applications.

As from the 1st of April, permit applications on medical grounds would require applicants to pay a sum of OMR30.900 for a permit legally accepted for up to half a year, and OMR46.300 for permits legally accepted for a full year. Initially, a medical permit to India for half a year cost around OMR33.450, an agency in charge of permit applications disclosed.

The embassy has also made efforts to accelerate the process of permit applications and creating a different department at the center specially to cater for the application of a medical permit.

In the year 2016, the Indian embassy had given out around 95,000 permits from Oman to India, and in the first 60 days of 2017, it had given out 20,000 permits.

“The interest from the citizens of Oman has grown significantly over the years, especially in the tourism, trade and medical sectors.

And this has shown in the significant rise in the number of persons who come into the country for medical purposes as we have several world class facilities for them to enjoy,” the embassy said.

Also, the surge in the trade partnerships between the two nations has never been better. “Individuals who desire to do business in the country will be given a business permit that is legally accepted for up to five years for just OMR96.300”, the embassy disclosed.

The government of India also went over the tourist permit fee and set it at OMR38.600, legally accepted for up to a year and a fee of OMR77.100 for a permit legally acceptable for up to five years.

Entry permits fee for persons who would want to embark on training or coming into the countries for other reasons will pay a fee of around OMR30.900 for a permit legally acceptable for up to half a year, while a fee of around OMR46.300 will be payable for a permit legally acceptable for a year.

Also, a charge of around OMR77.100 will be payable for entry permits for a duration ranging anywhere between a year to five years.

“All the permit fees that we have looked at will be implemented from the 1st of April, and does not include the extra payment of OMR1.000 to the community of Indian welfare and permit application charge fee of OMR1.650,” the embassy stated.

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