India and Its Role in Building the US Economy

March 11, 2017

The effort of the technical experts of Indian descent has helped the economy of the United States become as robust as it is, India said. It also added that presently, the unlawful immigration of foreigners into the United States was a matter of urgency for the United States government, and not the issue of H1B visa. “It is a well-known fact that the availability of technical experts of Indian descent has made the United States’ economy to be more robust and generate more.

As many top government officials have made known, unlawful immigration is the primary focus of the administration,” the spokesman for the Ministry of external affairs said.

Talking about the meeting that was held between the United States and India, the spokesman said: “There is a broad and in-depth acceptance for technicians of Indian descent in the United States and their contribution to the growth of the country’s economy.”

The spokesman gave his thought on professional Indian nationals plying their trade in the United States and the positive impact they have had on the economy as a whole.

Describing the visa talks as both trade and business issues, he said “The stance we have taken has been vividly made known to our United States counterparts. We trust that the aims of the present government for the economy of the United States will further strengthen our relationships.” The foreign secretary of India to the United States said the visas should be seen as a business and public trading.

During his visit to the United States, the secretary admitted that the present administration held a new view about the world in general and that the country of India had to adjust its ways to fit into the views and see the new potentials surrounding them.

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