Ideal Solution to Balance our Aging Population is Immigration

July 24, 2018
The population of Australia is set to touch 25 million in the upcoming weeks. It is much quicker than assumed. Eighteen years ago, forecasts estimated the population of  Australia wouldn’t get to 25 million by 2041.

Immigration is often aimed when levels of the population appear out of control. But the moratorium assumed to give breathing space in Australia as it requires.

Influences of Migration 

Immigration Concerns and a recognized population crisis have passed over the Australian political spectrum. One Nation’s Pauline Hanson has named for a referendum on immigration, while the leader of Labor Bill Shorten has raised matters about the temporary migrant's number in Australia.

Minister of Immigration Peter Dutton has told an immigration cap would have advantages economically, denying Treasurer Scott Morrison. Smith’s idea to reduce immigration to provide the infrastructure of nation time to catch up with people demand is distributed by famous public figures, including Bob Carr and Dick Smith.

The four ABS situations show different population figures over the average to long-term. The higher the net overseas level of migration, the higher the population over the predicted years. Interestingly, though, while zero net abroad migration could result in a decline in population by the year 2070, the people would continue to increase in the average term due to natural raize (births minus deaths).

Net Overseas Migration Impact


The composition of the population is an essential symbol to consider, moderately than size only. The age division is critical to understanding the economic opportunities and difficulties a community faces.

Projections of Population 

Planners require to know the expected size of the population and increase to ensure sufficient assistance and provisions. The ABS has provided predictions for national and sub-national communities since 1950.

In the global community, Australia is one part. Reducing immigration to Australia will affect the composition of demographics of the nation, with results for the population of working-age and income tax base.

Any modifications to the program of migration must be considered alongside confirmation. The available proof shows Australia’s contemporary migration program input (190,000) is about correct for Australia.

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