H1B Briefing at Highlights Infosys, TCS, Cognizant

April 24, 2017

H1B Briefing at Highlights Infosys, TCS, Cognizant

Intensive and highly demanding data crunching has been carried out in the most recent of policies by the president of the United States which is clamoring for the review of the present state of the H-1B permit.

The top firms in the nation of India have been involved in a meeting in the white house in which the government’s officials presented the argument that a lot of the top firms in India were politicking their way to secure a massive portion H-1B permits.

The staff of the government also made it clear that such pronouncements are not a show of criticism of the firms but to bring to light the manner in which the scheme is run.

A lot of stakeholders in the H-1B permit saga of twenty years have their takes in the pros and cons of the impermanent work visa. Presently, the stance with the most support is the side with the view that the administration is going the extra mile on handling the case of the H-1B permit. The main bone of contention here is this: “For the sake of showing you how this lottery pick currently works, with a few of these firms who tag themselves as “Outsourcing firms.”

You might be familiar with a few of them like Tata, Cognizant and Infosys.

What they do is submit applications for a huge amount of permits, a lot more than they need, but inserting extra lottery tickets in the draw. What this results in is a huge portion of the permits goes to them.

This is entirely different from how the majority of the public thinks this scheme works. They perceive it as a ticket to work for talented employees rather than it being an agreement to work like these companies takes it to be. To put it more succinctly, a small portion of these huge firms crowd the scheme with a lot of applications which tends to increase their chances of landing a request approval. For instance, assume a start-up firm that requires, say, two H-1B permits for two employees and submits two applications to that effect.

What are the odds of such company getting their quota when large firms flood the scheme with nearly 14,000 requests?

In response to a question on why it was firms from India who were picked out, the white house had this to say: “Not at all. These are the top recipients of this permits, and they are also the firms with an average annual salary of $60000 to $65000.

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