Government Relaxes e-visa Regime To Attract more Tourists

April 03, 2017

Starting on Saturday, the nation of India has decided to relax its laws regarding the electronic permit scheme.

They intend to achieve this by extending the time duration for applying for the entry visa from a month to four months.

The period for migrants stay in the nation has also been increased to 60 days, doubling the previous 30 days’ duration. It applies to all migrants coming into the nation via the different array of electronic permits available, the Minister of Home in the country said in a report made available. Three brand new categories for the issuance of the electronic permit.

They are electronic tourist permit, electronic trade permit, and electronic medical permit. They all start from the 1st of April.

To top all of that, a brand new section of permits has been introduced.

They are the I permit and the F permit. They would be issued to migrants who are looking to intern in the country for an NGD, and for those looking to make films in the nation. Interestingly, both the business and medical permits would be issued within two days of submitting an application, the ministry said.

The freedom that comes with this current permit program will quicken the rate at which legitimate foreigners come into the nation for tourism, medical research or tourism, trade and other relevant purposes.

As such, we anticipate the inflow of tourists into the nation to exponentially increase in the years to come.”

With the new implementation of the current electronic permit scheme, anyone submitting an application to the ministry would get a response email notifying him or her about the approval of their entrance into the country.

The individual can then sojourn into the nation with a well-printed copy of this confirmation of travel from the ministry. Electronic visa equipment has been made available to citizens of around 161 nations to be used for entry at 24 airports and three different seaports in India.

The airports have risen from 16 to 24. The sea ports are the Mangalore, Cochin and Goa ports.

That was designed to tap the possibility of the tourism industry from various nations. The duration for submitting an application under the current electronic program has been increased from a month to three months, and the preferred length of stay has also been increased from a month to two months with a double entry allowance on electronic tourist and electronic trade permits.

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