Firms File for H1B Visas While Still Waiting

April 09, 2017

The H-1B permit is a popular permit loved by the technology industry as it enables professionals to come into the country to find a job. Requests for the permit has also risen; last year, the limit of 85,000 H-1B permits was reached under a week after the application window was opened up to applicants. Around that period, around 236,000 applications got submitted.

When there is too much application, the permits are given on a lottery system basis.

And this current year, there are extra stress factors to consider: the atmosphere is less accommodating to strangers from a political standpoint, and another one of the processing routes of choice has been cancelled. An extra payment fee of $1,225 assures an applicant of getting a premium permit that guarantees a reply on your application under two weeks.

According to the recent reports by the customs office, the premium processing scheme was responsible for around 59% of the entire H-1B application selected in the lottery in 2016. But later in March, the customs office announced that it is putting it on hold as at 3rd of April.

Applications for a permit without taking the premium route takes around eight months to process before approval is given.

The customs office hopes to greatly drop the period it takes to process and approve the permits. “Much like any other paperwork in the government office, applications for preprint also get to pile up when there is so much application to go through, and our manpower is limited,” a spokesperson for the customs office told reporters.

For those looking to renew their permits also, the premium processing route is the preferred option also.

While holders of the H-1B permit can still be gainfully employed while they wait for a confirmation of their renewal, that period is just for 24 days, after which they must either leave the country of getting a renewed permit.

“Sometimes, it’s a pretty sticky situation.”

The customs office also says it will make permit renewal a priority, so people don’t get stuck in that time frame of 240 days.

While awaiting a confirmation of renewal, expatriates are always advised to remain within the country.

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