China Looking to Make Immigration Laws Easier to Attract Foreign Talent

March 17, 2017

The country of China is expected to be dumping down its laws on permits acquisition for foreign visitors to entice the best international experts to improve its development further.

Entrepreneurs in China like Baidu chief, Robin Li and a host of others have invited the country’s government to make the process of acquiring permits easier so they can attract the best of the best talents from across the globe that may not be comfortable with the latest travel orders issued by the new administration in the United States.

Reporters in china’s media are stating that on the 13th of March, the ministry of public security in China will commission a new scheme that will enable anyone who has been employed by the globe’s second largest economy to apply for a work visa that would last for five years.

As previous reports go, initially a majority of the foreign employees, including those employed on multi-year agreements, were required to apply for a brand new work visa each year.

It also added that the program could be started in the next few months in a total of around nine cities including Wuhan, Beijing, and Hebei.

That is excluding the 11 non-trade areas in China, which includes areas in Henen, Tianjin, and Chongqing.

China had plans to make the laws surrounding permits application a little easier for foreign employees in the past years in the hope of attracting premium talent to the country to help grow its economy.

As China began handing out permanent residency to foreigners in 2004, of about 600,000 foreign workers in the first ten years after the launch of the program, about 7,356 foreign workers were granted permanent residency.

Baidu’s employee, Robin Li, said that the adverse laws being put in place to dissuade foreign talents from entering the United States bode well for China as it offers the country a rare opportunity to get enough human resources to be able to go head-to-head with the powers at Silicon Valley.

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