Changes to Canada’s Express Entry CRS Coming in June

April 02, 2017

Migration, asylum seekers and citizenship body in Canada has made known that come 6th of June 2017, Nationals that speak French and applicants with a sibling in the country will get extra points under the total direct entry ranking system just introduced.

While these alterations may not change the constituents of the pool in a great way, the extra points may make a great difference to the applicants who would get the current extra points.

Also, registration in the Canada employee pool will become optional to applicants.

The entire ranking scheme in its present state will be utilised to grade and pick applicants in the available pool, and it is thought that the migration scheme in Canada would continue to make picks from the pool until the scheduled date of the 6th of June, and also well beyond that date.

The most current advancements to the Canadian ranking system occurred last November when the ranking system points given for being eligible for getting a job offer was dropped from 600 to around 200 or 50, depending on the position given to the candidate. Also simultaneously, the migration and asylum seeking scheme made an alteration to give extra points to applicants who had graduated from universities in Canada.

Before November 2016, the comprehensive ranking system had not been changed in any way since the direct entry scheme came into full play in January 2015.

These alterations may be viewed as an effort on the part of the current administration of Canada to continuously optimise the direct entry system so that a lot more applicants with talents and experience who will make the economy grow and develop can be invited into the country.

In the current year 2017, the migration scheme has increased the number of applicants greatly.

The first quarter of the previous year saw a total number of 9465 applications, while there have been around 24,652 applications issued so far this year, experiencing way more than 160% increase. Since the premier of the direct entry scheme, the country has opened its border to more than 43,000 migrants via the express entry scheme.

Around 90,000 invitations to submit applications had been issues for permanent residency in the country, with a lot of applicants either on the waiting lists or have received affirmation of their status as residents.

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