Canada Stands to Benefit from Trump's H1B Visa Target

April 22, 2017

The president of the United States of America has called upon the federal departments in the country to consider reviewing the permit rules for international employees, saying that the consideration of the H-1B permit should have been done a long time ago.

This permit scheme provides American firms with the ability to employ international employees to work in highly specialized positions relating to fields such as mathematics, engineering and IT.

A lot of the foreigners who procure this permits and come to work in the United States are employed in these sectors since there are hardly experts in the field that are United States citizens.

The president stated this before his putting pen to paper on his new executive order that has been dubbed “Purchase American product, employ American citizens” in the state of Wisconsin which was a critical state during his ascension to the helm of affairs in the country. During his campaign, he made promises to take back jobs for the American public, and that was a message that the people of Wisconsin related to easily and that led them to vote for a candidate of the Republican Party for the first time since the year 1984.

During his address to the people, the president said that the permits should be issued out to only highly talented migrants and migrants who would be paid more than their United States counterparts.

After the president made his orders and passed them, there has been a stark difference between laws adopted by the administration of the United States and the Government of Canada in recent weeks.

The country of Canada three weeks ago restated its desire to simplify the process through which Canadian firms employ international migrants to around two weeks.

It proposed a common skill pool, which is part of the administration’s worldwide talent hunt scheme primed to begin on the 12th of June, 2017. In sharp contrast, the H-1B permits normally have a processing period of nearly half a year \ and the present government has terminated the premium processing scheme. Another difference between both countries permits system the allocation process.

In the country of Canada, all applications are judged based on qualification according to the prerequisites of the scheme, while in the H-1B permit they are issued based on a lottery system.

The previous year there was an overflow of demand and supply. With its present budget presentation, the government of Canada has dedicated around $279.8 million to be utilized for the next half a decade.

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