Bank of America Reissues Alaska Visa Card

April 16, 2017

As a result of a suspected third-party infiltration of credit card condition, the Bank of America has decided to give out new credit cards to an unknown amount of the Mileage scheme as a preventive step to prevent hacks.

The officials of Alaska airlines disclose that it wasn’t hacked, and sensitive information about its clients are still safely kept.

The Bank of America stated that sometimes, credit cards are deactivated when there is suspicion of a third party hack.

They also said that the card deactivation had nothing to do with the Alaska Airlines.

From the memo passed to clients, the credit cards went offline on Thursday.

The spokesperson for the holding group of Alaska told reporters that it was no fault of the airline that the cards were offline. The Bank of America had sent out emails to customers earlier in the month that their details may have been infiltrated at some third party merchant. The spokesperson for the bank told reporters that the suspected infiltration is not restricted to just one bank or one credit card. “The Bank of America is under constant surveillance to keep clients safe from fraud or illegal hacks,” the spokesperson told reporters. “If we think that the card of a client is at risk of being taken over by an external party, we quickly let the client know and give them another card.”

The bank refused to give further information on the subject.

It stated on its website that for infiltration of information pertaining to credit card do not give out details of the information.

As such, the bank is unwilling to state the third party via which the information was compromised.

Clients are being advised to go through their alerts from time to time to check for important messages, dispose expired cards properly and keep up to date with the charges on their new cards.

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