Australian 457 Visa Changes Bringing More Restrictions

March 23, 2017

The government of Australia, made up of the Liberal-National unification, has made pronouncements that it will reduce the amount of time international employees on the 457 permit can reside in the nation once their job in the country is done.


That greatly reduces the chances of employees on the 457 permit to get another job in Australia.


This move arrives in a bid to make the employment market more conducive for Australian nationals.


After the Ministry of Labor made known in a statement that the 457 permit restriction, the federal government has made known that international workers in the country are restricted to a two-month stay in the nation after their job comes to an end.


In previous migration policies, international workers on a 457 permit could stay in the country for up to three months.


The migration minister of the country, Mr Peter Dutton, released a statement earlier in November that the two-month law would be effected come 19th November 2016. Talking about the rule, he stated that the alteration would limit 457 permit holder’s ability to look for another employment opportunity in the country following their completion of their usual employment.


Mr Dutton stated that:


“This alteration is all about making competition greatly reduced from foreign workers for those Australian workers who are actively searching for a job.


The government of the country places great value on the contribution made by a lot of talented people who are employed in Australia on the 457 visa, but should there be an available employee of Australian descent, best believe the government’s policy is primed to give him or her an advantage.”


That is not all the ban put on Australian work permits.


The pressing question now is “Is this move favourable for the Country of Australia?”


Australia is deficient when it comes to talent in the Information Technology sector, and other departments also.


Leaders base the decision they take on the popularity of choice amongst the people of the country. Maybe, just perhaps, President Trump has affected the Permit policy of the state indirectly.

The current permit restriction may be a move the government may come to hate in the long run.

The three-month law was brought about by the labour at the height of the Kevin Rudd regime as Prime Minister, and it persisted even after he left the position. The party had jacked up the duration from 28 days to three months.

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