Modi's visit to Canada

May 28, 2015

Indian P.M. Narendra Modi visited Canada for improving bi-lateral relation with Canada. During his visit to Toronto, Vancouver and Ottawa, he met Business man of Canada and met the vibrant Indian Diaspora to invest in India.

According to the news the bilateral relationship and investment increased in the field of Science and Technology, Infrastructure, Innovation, Education, counter- terrorism and security.

The history of Indo- Canada relationship facts are:

Taking look into geographical location between India and Canada, India is located in the eastern and southern part of the world, whereas Canada is situated in the northern and western part of the world. Still being far away from each other these two countries share a long standing relationship and have a mutual interest for each other.

        India is the only largest trading partner for the Canada in the south Asian region.

        India being said to be one of the fastest growing economy of the world, Canada is keen in investing into India

        Canada is having an abundant amount of uranium deposits in the world and both the countries have agreed to share the resources and act as a helping hand towards each other.

        Canada Consulates are situated in Bangalore, Chandigarh and Mumbai.

     1. Recently in April 2015. The Canadian job grant has decided to launch the Ontario skill development programme for the people and it is truly a job orientated facility

By this scheme they want to improve the skill in the people before entering into services and from past 3 years it has generated a 1.10 percent increase in the employment in Canada

    2.  PARM GILL presently parliamentary secretary for international trade has been in a meeting with Indian counter parts to increase the number of students into Canada for further higher studies

He, along with Canadian international education strategy has planned an action plan towards increasing the number of students for migrating to Canada for higher studies.

Presently there are more than 35000 students who are studying there. The Canadian government is keen in improving these stats to double by the year in 2022.

   3. Recently CHRIS ALEXANDER Canadian minister of migration and citizenship has given the prizes for the best immigrant entrepreneur for the year 2015.

This is the third year of Immigrant entrepreneurs' award. It is given by the Economic forum of Canada

 The winners were




The Canadian Government has stepped up and encouraging the newcomer and immigrant all over the world to invest in their land by introducing the new scheme called STARTUP VISA. In this way the Canadian Government want to attract the newcomers as well as the Immigrant coming from other countries as well as Immigrant present in their countries

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