How to settle in Australia Permanently

June 01, 2015

How to settle in Australia Permanently

People often imagine and feel that immigration is a time-taking, herculean and messing process that prolongs throughout the day and night with lots of red tape involve in it. However, though an individual can’t refuse that immigration is full of complications and procedures, when the preferred destination is Australia, then it is acceptable to take this pain. Down Under is not just fine in terms of flora and fauna, but also a superb destination to make individuals dreams alive. One can get rewarding employment opportunities, finest living standards, as well as dynamic government that alleviate’s issues and assist individuals in leading a quality life. The land of kangaroos is calling you, be ready to reciprocate the call by migrating to Australia.

Immigration to Australia  

Whatever may be the reason! If a person has to migrate Australia, must have a valid immigration visa, which allows the person to settle as permanent residents or future citizens of the country. Many of the citizens choose to migrate Australia from their natives because of the culture of the country, a variety of attractions, family re-unification, economic growth or simply if they want a change in their location.

After attaining a valid visa, everyone has to go through the immigration clearance process where the authorities of the Australian Customs and Border Protection Services will check your travel documents. They look after the Australian immigration process on behalf of the immigrant.

Immigrants whose travel documents do not meet the requirements of the clearance are not allowed to enter the country.

There is a further classification about how a citizen becomes a legal or an illegal immigrant of another country. A legal immigrant enters the country with a proper visa, clearance and then settles in the country. Immigration status can be obtained in different ways, such as, employment, citizenship with the help of direct family members, seeking refuge.

Why migrate to Australia  

Why numerous individuals tend to move to other nations, leaving behind their home-affinity, memories, people, and emotions? Mainly, the reason behind such movement is in seek of a better standard of life, opportunistic environment and myriad job opportunities. There are a number of people who prefer immigration to make their life steady. So, if you are one amongst them, then you would encounter a lot of reasons that motivate the immigration.

Australia is one of the largest islands in the world. The country has a stable government with safe and good economic growth. The minimum wage in Australia is $16.88. One can experience the wild life and interesting species of birds in Australia. The country possesses the rich quality of education, sustainability, camping, sports, beaches, diversity with a lot of fun people around.

The country has set its tune to receive numerous individuals as immigrants from all over the globe. Even the government of Australia, has geared up to open its doors for overseas skilled immigrants to migrate and work over there, in order to address, available skill shortages in the country.

Australia immigration programs

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection of Australia has put into practice various immigration and visa programs for potential immigrants. The authorities even streamline the immigration process and planning to kick-start some other programs to bring in more skilled immigrants to the country. Work visas to Australia are classified into three diverse streams such as

  •          Permanent work visas
  •          Temporary work visas
  •          Sponsored or nominated work visas

Each visa stream has different types of Australia work visas. Based on the individual’s field of work and their plan of staying in Australia they need to choose an appropriate Australian work visa.

Of various Australian immigration programs some of the most popular as well as preferred immigration programs are:

  •          Australia skilled independent visa subclass 189
  •          Australia skilled nominated visa subclass 190
  •          Australia Skilled - Nominated (Provisional) Visa subclass 489
  •          Australia Skilled - Sponsored (Provisional) Visa (subclass 489)
  •          Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS)
  •          Australia Temporary Work (Skilled) visa subclass 457
  •          Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485)

 How to settle in Australia Permanently

Dreams are on the edge of turning up itself into reality, as Oz is all set to open its doors for the new group of people to its land and assist the economy in its growth. In 2015, Australian has agreed towards issuing Permanent resident visa to individuals who are looking forward to settling in nation permanently. So, the probabilities of making Australia as the permanent abode have increased a lot for an immigrant. 

Employment opportunities are rife for skilled employees, even as there are several sectors in the nation that requires immediate attention. Owing to the available skill shortages in the country, the ANZSCO has agreed that new realms must be opened for skilled employees, and for fulfilling with that they have launched the Australia PR immigration visa. Among various PR visa programs, Skilled Independent Visa, Skilled nominated visa and Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) offers PR visa to the skilled immigrants. However, to apply for the PR visa individuals need to abide by certain requirements such as:

  •          Submit EOI (Expression of Interest) through SkillSelect
  •          Receive invitation to apply for Australia PR      
  •          At least three years of work experience
  •          Meet character and heath requirements
  •          Proficiency in English language
  •          Get through points system successfully                 

Individuals who satisfied the above said requirements can apply for an Australia PR visa right away!

Benefits of Australia immigration   

Individuals after acquiring Australian PR can avail the following PR benefits:

  •          Access to free medical care facilities in public hospitals
  •          Paves way for Australian citizenship
  •          Work and dwell in Australia indefinitely
  •          Free to take up higher education courses in Australia
  •          Travel across Australia without any constraints
  •          Privilege to enter, stay and work in New Zealand at any time
  •          Sponsor family members to migrate to Australia
  •          Unrestricted access to country’s global market

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