Express Entry process of Canada

May 28, 2015

Express Entry process of Canada

Canada - Maple leaf nation, is a land of myriad job opportunities. Every year, a number of individuals from all over the globe migrate to Canada in seek of better career opportunities and plans to make the country as their abode. Formerly, the process of permanent Canada immigration used to face to major issues such as higher processing time and applications backlog due to the increased number of PR visa applications. The federal government has decided to welcome 260,000 and 285,000 permanent residents in 2015 and with the earlier immigration process it would not be so easier to receive skilled immigrants within a short period of time. Thus, to overcome the major issues, CIC has come up with the proposal to launch a new Canada immigration system entitled as Express Entry.

This new system transforms entire Canada immigration system into a fast, flexible and emphasized on labour market needs. When, everyone is eager to know about the details of the new program the CIC has finally ended the curiosity by announcing the opening date of much-awaited Express Entry system 1 January 2015. The new program is a laid platform for capable employees across the globe those who are showing their interest in migrating to Canada. As the name represents, this program paves express way to Maple Leaf nation.

This new program brings scope of better improvement for Canadian immigration, which includes lesser processing time, good convenience to applicants from various fields, for better focus on quality applications. Under this program, individuals who receive invitation from CIC can only apply for the Permanent residency, which minimizes applications backlog.

Express Entry visa program which was initiated by the Canadian Government to bring out revenue in their economy by immigrant skilled worker who work here and look for Canada’s Permanent Resident. Canadian Government with its provincial counter parts has designed the scheme named Express Entry system.

Points To Be Known About Express Entry and Expression of Interest

Express Entry is compared to applying a job in one big organization, Canada, which in turn applicants credentials as well as resume to employers and smaller organisation like Provinces and employers.

Expression of interest is an immigration program in which an applicant’s documents and his or her credentials like qualification, work experience, etc; are provided along with their explanation interest in residing and working in a country. This program is basically developed in New Zealand and recently adopted by Australia.

How Express Entry system functions?

The functionality of Express Entry is purely organized and sequential, as an application is received into a database of applicants it is sent for review or selection by an attracted “selector”. Skilled worker from all over the world can apply for Express Entry system. The entire process of express entry takes place in the following ways:

1. Initially, a prospective applicant needs to create a profile using an online platform that recognized individual’s skills and qualifications. Here, applicants will be ranked against each other based on the skills.

2. Applicants with no prior job must enrol themselves in Canadian job bank, where they can promote their skills to the Canadian employers. Candidates who meet the employer’s requirements are offered with the job offer.

3. The Canadian Government will access individual profile and those who meet any of the federal economic immigration programs will be placed into the pool of Express Entry.

4. Candidates in the Express Entry pool must undergo Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) successfully.

5. Candidates who score highest points will be picked from the pool and invited to apply for Canada PR within 60 days under any of the economic immigration programs such as programme of Federal Skilled Worker Programme (FSW), Federal Skilled Trade programme (FST) and Canadian Experience class (CEC) and Provincial Nomination Programme (PNP).

6. Applicants PR application under the Express Entry system will be processed within a period of six months.

How candidates are ranked under the new Canada immigration system

Under the Express Entry system, Canada follows a point’s based system called as Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) to rank and pick candidates from the pool. Candidates who score highest points will be given top ranks under the Express Entry system and invited to lodge application for Canada PR.

The Comprehensive Ranking System ranks prospective candidates based on the following factors such as:

  • Core human capital factors;
  • Accompanying partner or spouse or common-law partner factors;
  • Skill transferability factors; and
  • Factors concerning to a provincial nomination or a valid job offer from Canadian employer

On a whole, 1,200 points will be allotted under the Comprehensive Ranking System.

For applicants without an accompanying partner or spouse or common-law partner:

  • A maximum of 500 points will be awarded for core human capital factors;
  • A maximum of 100 points will be awarded for skill transferability factors; and
  • 600 points allotted either for a provincial nomination or valid job offer

For applicants along with a partner or spouse or common-law partner:

  • A maximum of 460 points will be awarded for core human capital factors of the main applicant;
  • A maximum of 40 points will be awarded for core human capital factors of the partner or common-law partner;
  • A maximum of 100 points will be awarded for skill transferability factors; and
  • 600 points will be awarded either for a valid job offer or provincial nomination

How to get qualify under Express Entry system?

In order to get qualify for the Express Entry system; applicants need to meet eligibility criteria for any of the federal economic immigration programs. Any skilled individuals who are interested to migrate to Canada can apply for Express Entry. However, they need to follow certain steps in order to migrate to Maple Leaf nation successfully.

  • A language test is required to migrate to Canada thus; applicants should be ready with their IELTS language test scores. Though, language test in not mandatory for Express Entry, the score may still help the applicant to convey his or her English language proficiency to a potential employer.
  • Applicants must access their credential, as the credentials play a vital role towards certification or licensing in their field in Canada.
  • Applicants should be prepared with their updated resumes

Features of Canada Express Entry system

The following are the some of the Features of Canada Express Entry system:

  • Reduces applications backlog
  • Swifter visa process
  • Applicants can create their profile at any time
  • Applicants can update their profile at any time
  • Impressive skills can be highlighted
  • No Prior job offer
  • No cap on number of applications

Canada Express Entry draw system and along with its dates

Following the launch of Express Entry system on 1 January 2015, till date, nine express entry draws were conducted by the CIC to pick applicants for permanent Canada immigration. Below are the draws and dates on which CIC has conducted draws:

Express Entry draw                               Date                               ITA’s issued        Cut-off score (CRS)

First Express Entry Draw             31 January 2015                          779                          886

Second Express Entry Draw         07 February 2015                        779                          818

Third Express Entry Draw       20 February 2015                        849                          808

Fourth Express Entry Draw           27 February 2015                       1187                         735

Fifth Express Entry Draw             20 March 2015                           1620                         481

Sixth Express Entry Draw             27 March 2015                           1637                         453

Seventh Express Entry Draw       10 April 2015                              925                          469

Eighth Express Entry Draw         17 April 2015                              715                          453

Ninth Express Entry Draw           23 May 2015                              1361                         755

Present Statistics on Express Entry Visa

This Scheme was started in the year 2015 January. Till date the Canadian Government with the help of its Provinces has announced Express Entry 9 draws, Indians lead the way in the. Below statistics shows the country wise qualified list of candidates till the 8th Express Entry draw:


Number of people qualified


228 candidates


122 candidates


46   candidates


34   candidates


29   candidates


29   candidates


21   candidates

United Kingdom

19   candidates


18   candidates

South Korea

14   candidates

Future of Express Entry system

So far, nine Express Entry draws were conducted by the CIC and invited 9852 candidates from the pool to apply for Canada PR. Of 9852 candidates, two candidates Mr. Ananthakrishnan, Indian and Ms. Cremin from Ireland were granted PR under the Express Entry system. Canada is likely to conduct 25 Express Entry draw in 2015, in order to pick a maximum number of applicants for granting Canada PR.


With the launch of Express Entry system, the Canada immigration process has transformed in a much better way and applicants profile is scrutinized thoroughly to issue a PR. This is only program that fast-tracks individuals Canada PR process than ever before.  

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