Brexit - Britain's decision to Exit the European Union

July 04, 2016
The talk of the town is Brexit – Britain’s Exit from the European Union. This sudden decision threw the entire world off their rocker. Stock markets crashed, violence erupted, Pound Sterling’s value dropped and there was pure mayhem. Once the hubbub died, people began to evaluate the current scenario.

Brexit Effect on Migration

Why did IMMIGRATION bother the UK so much? 

Citizens of EU countries have the freedom to travel, work and live anywhere within the European Economic Area. This freedom of movement impacted the Britons as their jobs were claimed by immigrants. While the UK had its own procedure for the non-EU immigrants, it had no control over the movement of European Union citizens.

How will Britain’s decision affect immigration?

The European Union will face the biggest brunt of this decision. New policies will arise that will limit the movement of immigrants from other EU countries. 

However, the non-EU countries like USA and India will probably not get affected as their  immigrant's ratio is  quite minor.

While Brexit will take two years to complete,  the rest of the world are sitting on pins and needles wondering what would UK’s next move be. Well the answer to this question is “Time”

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