About Australia | Education | Employment and working conditions

June 01, 2015

About Australia | Education | Employment and working conditions

Explore Australia, the land Down Under—a niche for mild winters, warm summer’s and friendly people. Many individuals are fascinated to travel Australia and for all good reasons. The country is an abode for, full of tourist sites as well as spots. Each year, tens of thousands of travellers from all over the globe flock to this beautiful land.

Australia is a blessed with myriad natural wonders, business opportunities, study opportunities, job opportunities and striking locations. Located in the Southern hemisphere, the country has so much to offer. Of course, many of the individuals might be still thinking why to choose Australia for education, tourism or business? The answer to this query is simple and at the same time interesting. A complete overview on Australia and its first-rate opportunities, especially for overseas nationals have described in detail for individuals reference. Have a glance on it and get answers to your queries about of why to choose Down Under.

After going through the entire content, every individual definitely wants to visit Australia at least once in their lifetime for any of the reason. 

The birth of a nation

Australia is world’s the 6th biggest continent in the world. It is situated in the southern part of the world and surrounded by the Pacific Ocean. It has number islands along with the island of Tasmania. Its neighbours are New Zealand, Indonesia and Solomon islands.

Australia was discovered in the late 18th century. By that time the GREAT BRITAIN was colonizing the world as the superpower.

So British colonised Australia has their country and used to send the criminal who were convicted in Britain were sentenced to Australia for severe punishments. As the population increased they started to rebel against British and got independence in1901.

At that point of time Australia was just a mere continent and much was unknown about it. Now It is the world’s 12th largest economy in the world. Its economy has grown leaps and bounds and making it has a one of the developed nation in the world.

A region New South Wales were originally occupied eastern part of the continent. Some other colonies were formed as the separations started from the original settlement and cooperation between the settlements and feeling for nationalism was growing.

The first railway line was opened in Melbourne so as the first electric telegraph and in Sydney universities were established and other historical buildings were built.

After landing their first fleet the British troops left the country after 80 years in the year 1870, the opening of Suez Canal reduced the distance from Europe, by the year 1880, Australia’s population had increased to two million.

The nation was in drought and depression that stuck in the year 1890s. There was an economic downfall. Between year 1898and 1900, the Australia voted in federation favor. Commonwealth of Australia was formed on 1 January 1901 with the federation of the six states under one constitution. The total population was at around 3.8 million.

The first Australia’s first Prime Minister was Edmund Barton; he led the federation movement in New South Wales. In Melbourne the nation’s first parliament was opened on 9 May 1901, at the Exhibition Building. 

Democracy and Government

Australia has a representative democracy – it is a system of parliamentary government in which a citizen of Australian can participate and have a say.

The country system is democratically one and encourages freedom of association and religious tolerance. There are many features of Australian government, which are common with North American and British traditions.

Australia today

The salient features of Australian society are the cultural variety of its people and the level to which they are combined with dominant and a unifying agreement to Australia.

The defining feature is the open nature of Australian society. This doesn’t mean that everyone is same or the same or everybody has property or wealth. It means that with zeal, commitment and hard work people without high-level contacts can be successful. The country strongly believes that no person should be disadvantaged on the basis of heritage and culture, gender, language or religious belief.

Social customs and Laws

Australia is governed by a mix of formal laws and informal social customs. Everyone should follow the nation’s laws or has to face the civil and criminal prosecution. The Australian laws are made by commonwealth along with state territory parliaments. The Australia has its national police called the Australian Federal Police, which keeps the check in cutting off crime rates like drug trafficking and illegal migration etc. Every state and Northern Territory has its own forces, who deal according to their territory laws.

Court of law is responsible for seeing justice. It checks whether someone has broken the law and what should be done if the person founds guilty in the crime. In a few cases a judge will hear and deliver the verdict. In all cases the defendant is found to be innocent until he is proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. They innocent also have a right to be presented by hiring for their advocates. In some cases, people who cannot afford to hire a lawyer can seek free legal help.

Australian English

Australia’s national language is English, there are few words and expressions that are unique in common usage and some might be confusing for new migrants to the country.

The slang will be different with respect to their origins; some are shortened and longer words. Many expressions are already used by the people who come from the northern parts of England and adopted by Australians. Many people use short forms to mention words like barbecue as Barbie, Television becomes ‘telly’ and football becomes ‘footy’.

Holidays and celebrations

Workers in Australia have 12 national and state/territory public holidays in a year, in addition to national holidays. Some holidays are celebrated only in particular states and territories.

Christmas and Easter are the two most prominent dates in the Christian calendar, are declared as national holidays in Australia. Christmas Day falls on 25th of December every year, while Easter falls in by the end of March or early April.

Boxing Day

Boxing Day is celebrated on 1st January every year, it is a public holiday. It has its significance, some people believe that boxing matches were held on this day, or gifts were distributed in boxes, Boxing day is part of Christmas celebration.

New Year Day, on 1st of January every year is a public holiday. The common time for the people of Australia to take an annual leave is from mid-December to January end.

The most important national dates are-:

Australia Day

Australia Day, on 26 January, Australians, people celebrate the founding of the first European settlement in Australia in 1788. It’s a public holiday and new migrants are welcome to Australia Day celebrations and meet people of Australia.

Queen’s birthday

The birthday of Queen is celebrated on second of Monday in the month of June and it is declared as a public holiday in all states except Western Australia, as they celebrate in September or October.

Sports and arts

Australians are sporty people and always excelled in sports, they have great achievement in the field of sports to be listed like they stood in fourth position in medals tally in 2004 Athens Olympics, behind United States, Russia and China. In the football world cup they reached in the final 16.

In recent survey reports says that over an 11 million Australians aged 15 years and above participated in at least once in a week in any of the physical activity for a recreation, exercise and sport- it’s an overall participation rate of almost 70 percent. 

Australian cultural traditions are rich of various migrant cultures, from various migrant cultures all forms of the arts have started flowing in fields of films, art, music, and theatre. Almost 88 percent of adults attend cultural events.

Scientific achievements and inventions

In the field of scientific accomplishments and inventions, mainly in medicine, agriculture, manufacturing, mining and technology, Australians have a good record. The world’s first stone tools like a boomerang and the Woomera was developed here in Australia.

Australians are first to use bank notes made of polymer which has enhanced inbuilt security features and last multiple times than other notes, in the field of agriculture, they have developed a plant gene which increases production of the world’s crops. In the field of technology the invention of unexploded ammunition and landmines was delivered.

In the field of medical achievements the development of Relenza, the first anti-influenza drug, and a scan which sunspots which are cancerous and cervical cancer vaccine. Nine Australians have awarded with a noble prize for their achievements. The very recent were Professor Barry Marshall and Dr Robin Warren is to receive the award for their discovery of a bacterium which causes ulcers and stomach gastritis in the year 2005. Professor peter Doherty got the prize on for immunology.

Australian living 

Scope of Employment and working conditions

Being a very competitive labour market, how fast can a new arrival in the country can get a job is all depends on the economic factors of the country and skills and qualifications, the type of work he or she is looking depending upon circumstances which may differ on availability of work in various parts of the country.

Before moving to Australia, a person should be precise about his prospects of work he or she wants to do after going there, Most of the jobs in Australia seek applicants who are registered or licensed with territory authority or Australian state or a probable professional or industry body.

In Australia men and women get equal job opportunities, the laws are set for the protection of employees who are discriminated on the basis of race, gender, religion. There are equal employment opportunity laws which ensure career opportunities and training are based on merit, experience and skills than that of favored treatment or discrimination.

The information on job related skills, is available on the websites:

Medical Expenses

The Government of Australia provides basic help with medical expenses with a program Medicare Australia. Under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) the government subsidies the cost of medicine for Medicare holders. If a migrant wants to enroll in the Medicare Program he should first check his eligibility with his passport, documents and visa information. Most of the temporary visa holders are not entitled under Medicare, with some exceptions, The people with temporary visa who applied for permanent visa are eligible. 


As per the Australian law, a child must attend school from the age of five to fifteen years, it may differ in some place accordance to the respective states and territories. The Australian government provides free education in some public schools (it is not applicable for the temporary visa holders). Many students attend private missionary schools which are run by the groups; they are required to pay the full fees. Australian education is open to all; it gives equal opportunities for all age groups and ability levels.

There are two different types of tertiary education programmes: which are offered by industry and institutions in the Vocational Education Training (VET) sector, which are offered by universities and other educational institutions.  Higher Education Contributory Scheme (HECS) and Higher Education Loan Programme (HELP), either of these programs are available for students registered in commonwealth supported places. The two schemes A HECS-HELP will cover all parts of the contribution student amount.

Obtaining Driving licenses

The state and territory government issues driving license if and only if the applicant clears a test of practical driving and eyesight test. No person can drive without a valid license. Only of permanent resident visa holders are allowed to drive in Australia for first three months after arrival, if they have a driving license from another country in English, after that they need to obtain an valid Australian driving license.

Obtaining Citizenship of Australia

The Government of Australia strongly encourages the eligible residents to apply for citizenship, by choosing to become an Australian citizen, you demonstrates personal loyalty and commitment to the country, Australian citizenship is the final step in the journey of migration and making Australia home. By obtaining a citizenship one holds the right to vote, stand for parliament and work for government positions. Australian citizenship brings responsibilities and privileges. 

Responsibility of Citizen

Every Australian citizen has his own responsibilities:

  •          Voting in state and territory elections and commonwealth and at referenda
  •          Serving a Jury
  •          Defending the Australia should arise.

Vaccination and immunization to prevail in Australia  

List of diseases prevalent in Australian continent

You should have minimum information on vaccinations and immunizations, before your visit to Australia. Some diseases of the major diseases are

1.       HEPATITIS  A

2.       HEPATITIS  B


4.       RABIES

5.       BUG BITES


HEPATITIS A :->   hepatitis A is found all over the globe, including the developed nations such as United States of America and Canada.

a.       Please avoid of outdoor staple foods.

Hepatitis A





HEPATITIS B :->  this disease is principally caused  through sexual tattooing,


Hepatitis B





Looking at what time of year you are traveling, make sure you check whether the Japanese Encephalitis is there or negligible 

Japanese Encephalitis

Japanese Encephalitis




This disease is present in bats in Australia. However, it is not found in dogs.  Our advice is that have a vaccine if you come under this category.                       

                                  We advice not to trek where bats live e.g.: caves and Rockies.

                                  Our advice to the photographer and researchers be aware of the bat





Do not trek in Reserve areas wherever bug bites are surviving.

Bug Bites

Bug Bites


You should dress in a manner like you are not prone to bugs


 Make use of repellents as directed by physician

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